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European Road Conference, 22-24 October in Dubrovnik (Croatia)

22/10/2018 › 24/10/2018
09:00 › 17:00
Hotel Valamar Lacroma - Dubrovnik
EUROPEAN ROAD CONFERENCE  - 22-24 October 2018 - Dubrovnik (Croatia)

"Corridors for Shared Prosperity & Sustainable Mobility"

South East Europe is at an important crossroads in the development of its road connectivity programs, securing a critical role as a gateway for international trade routes. Due to its privileged geographical position, Croatia has been at the forefront of this process, through regional highway cooperation initiatives.

At a time of growing motorization, the region’s network of roads and highways is currently its largest public asset. However, significant challenges remain to enhance the safety, efficiency, environmental sustainability and resilience of the road network, underscoring the value of enhanced regional cooperation.

Organized by key representative organizations of the roads & mobility sector, the European Road Conference "Corridors for Shared Prosperity & Sustainable Mobility" is an essential platform to deepen the understanding of regional mobility challenges, and achieve consensus on key policy, investment and planning measures.

Amongst the speakers : FIEC Director General Ulrich Paetzold

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