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Statistical Report

"The Construction Activity in EUROPE"

FIEC, the European Construction Industry Federation, publishes since many years a document giving information about construction activity in Europe. 27 countries are analysed individually and the European Union as a whole under the following headings:

  • Overview ( General economic situation, General economic policy, Government policies in relation to the construction industry 
  • Overall construction activity
  • Housebuilding
  • Non-residential building
  • Civil engineering
  • Rehabilitation and maintenance of residential buildings
  • Construction abroad
  • Employment

The statistics are expressed in percentages (and not in real figures) and are classified as follows:
  • Investment in construction
  • Per cent variation of production in real terms on previous year (in the following sectors: total construction, building, new housebuilding, rehabilitation and maintenance, non residential, non residential private, non residential public, civil engineering).
  • Employment (in thousands).
The data are given over a period of 10 years. The forecasts are valid for up to one year.

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