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Date 03/06/2014

ee-WiSE is a project under FP7 programme that aims to improve knowledge transfer between the different agents in energy efficiency (EE) building retrofitting in the Mediterranean. 

The project has developed a Knowledge Transfer Framework (KTF)/ Tool, which is to assist the different agents of the value chain to provide and use EE knowledge. The tool aims to solve the Knowledge Transfer Needs detected earlier while analysing the building retrofitting sector in the Mediterranean. The tool is a Beta version that is being currently tested by different agents of the value chain in the partner countries. The Beta version is available here. You could choose a profile amongst 20 different type of agents and check out the specific knowledge provided. You may also freely navigate throughout the Framework and look for materials by using the "Advanced Search” as well.

ee-WiSE project aims to provide an Energy Efficiency Platform where the ones who got the knowledge may share it, and the ones who look for it, may find it. 

In March 2014, 8 ee-WiSE validation workshops took place in all partner countries. Their main purpose was online testing of the Beta version of the Knowledge Transfer Framework. The objective of the workshops was to gather valuable feedback from the value chain members, to improve the platform during the next project period and to provide more useful tools for the societies in the region. More than 160 EE professionals took part in the validation workshops, representing the whole EE value chain in the Mediterranean retrofitting sector.

Our team is looking forward to hearing from you by sending us feedback and/or opinion on the KTF: &

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