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FIEC manifesto: EU term 2014-2019

Date 27/03/2014

Ahead of the forthcoming EU elections FIEC has launched its "Manifesto for action” for the next EU term 2014-2019.
"In the EU28 the construction sector represents more than 9% of GDP, nearly 1.200 Bln.€ output, more than 14 million workers and 3 million companies, most of which are SMEs.” states Thomas Schleicher, FIEC President. "All of them stand ready to work together with the partners of the value chain for the future development of the EU. The need to invest in infrastructure of all kinds and energy efficiency of buildings, both existing and new, becomes more evident and urgent by the day!” adds Schleicher.

The FIEC Manifesto defines 10 areas for action, which play a key role in establishing an adequate framework for ensuring that the construction sector can actually be the efficient lever for growth and jobs in all parts of the EU industry, in a sustainable and future-oriented way.

Facilitating investment and promoting financing, ensuring fair competition and a well functioning labour market, promoting innovation and building a sustainable and energy efficient Europe are some of the areas in which political decisions and consequent action are urgently needed.

"Our industry would be able to play a decisive role in relaunching EU economic growth and in creating jobs, provided the EU and national governments allocate the required resources to achieve their ambitions and reduce existing barriers as well as bureaucratic obstacles which are still hindering the activity of our companies. Something has to be done, things have to change. Our politicians have to understand this” says Schleicher.

"As the representative for our affiliates across the EU and accepting our responsibilities as the European Sectoral Social Partner we look forward to collaborating closely with the new MEPs and Commissioners, so that our requests could be put into practice, in the interest of millions of enterprises and workers.” concludes Schleicher.

Download the full Press Release
Download the FIEC Manifesto

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