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FIEC Press Release - Yes to long-term financing for SMEs & infrastructure

Date 28/03/2014

"Long-term financing for SMEs and infrastructure? 
Yes, very much!”

"We are in a period of scarce public and private financing where any initiative aimed at improving the situation must be welcome,” declares Jacques Huillard, Vice-President in charge of Economic and Legal affairs at FIEC, commenting on the new Commission Communication on Long-Term Financing of the European Economy. 

"I’m happy, in particular, that this Communication maps the way forward for a number of important issues,” continues Huillard. "As we also say in our Manifesto for the EU term 2014-2019: facilitating investment and promoting financing, both in infrastructure and building projects, is the sine qua non condition for ensuring that the construction sector can actually be the efficient lever for growth and jobs in all parts of the EU industry, in a sustainable and future-oriented way.”

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