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FIEC, UEPC and UIPI elected new co-chairs of the European Housing Forum

Date 01/07/2014


FIEC, UEPC and UIPI elected new co-chairs of the European Housing Forum

Today, the European Housing Forum has elected its new co-chairs. The European Construction Industry Federation (FIEC), the European Union of Developers and House Builders (UEPC) and the International Union of Property Owners (UIPI) will take the lead for one year renewable.

The European Housing Forum is an informal platform gathering representative organisations of the entire housing sector – consumers, providers and professionals – with the aim of sharing their expertise and raising the issues that this sector faces towards the EU institutions.

Emmanuelle Causse, Head of Public Affairs of UIPI, Christine Le Forestier, Director of Economic and Legal Affairs of FIEC and Filiep Loosveldt, Managing Director of UEPC, who took over the challenge, stated:

"Our role as co-chairs will be to continue the work of the EHF in favour of affordable and decent housing in Europe. The role of the Forum is not only to promote the exchange of information among the housing stakeholders, but also to increase understanding and raise awareness at EU level of the housing dimension of relevant EU issues. The housing sector is a significant sector at all levels of policy-making. The European Housing Forum is looking forward to further work in close cooperation with the EU institutions, notably with the European Parliament’s URBAN intergroup, as soon as its renewal is being confirmed.”


Note to editors:

EHF – the European Housing Forum was created in 1997, following the adoption of a resolution on the social aspect of housing by the European Parliament. The European Housing Forum currently has 15 members, all of which are major international or European organisations working in the area of housing.

FIEC – the European Construction Industry Federation, representing via its 33 national Member Federations in 29 countries (28 EU & EFTA and Turkey) construction enterprises of all sizes, i.e. small and medium-sized enterprises as well as "global players”, carrying out all forms of building and civil engineering activities. Within FIEC, a specific transversal working group addresses all housing-related issues.

UEPC – the European Union of Developers and House Builders has been created in 1958 already and is the umbrella organisation for national federations of Developers and House Builders. UEPC is a European association representing more than 30,000 developers and house builders affiliated to the federations of different Member States and Norway. The credo of UEPC is "restoring the past, building the future"...

UIPI – the International Union of Property Owners is a pan-European association comprising 30 organisations from 28 countries. Jointly, they represent more than five million property owners and some 20 million dwellings. Founded in 1923, its member organisations share the common goal of promoting the rights and interests of private property.

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