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Solar Decathlon Europe 2014

Date 18/02/2014

a ‘must’ for all players and industries in sustainable housing
and renewable energies

Schneider Electric CEO Jean-Pascal Tricoire brings his support to Solar Decathlon Europe.«The world is developing, the world is growing. More and more people on the planet access to the status of middle class. Cities are growing and using more energy.

People and cities are asking for more, they want to achieve more, at the same time, the technology we use today for energy are making this equation unsustainable. The world has to learn to achieve more, while using less of the world planet resources. 

We at Schneider Electric believe that sustainability is a key challenge of our generation. We believe that sustainability is a noble intention. The way to achieve sustainability is more efficiency, in everything we do. On the only credible pass to efficiency is technology. 

We are very proud to be associated as a company to this unique event, which is the Solar Decathlon and I am also very proud to invite you in June and July of this year to visit La Cité du Soleil® in Versailles to participate to this new edition of the Solar Decathlon.

Here you will meet 800 students, you will meet 20 teams competing to develop, to imagine, to create the best solution for sustainable houses; houses of the future.
You want to know about emulation, about innovation, you want to know about the future, please join us in 2014 in Versailles».

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