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FIEC and EFBWW meet Commissioner for Employment Marianne Thyssen

Date 17/04/2015
The social partners of the construction industry, EFBWW and FIEC, present their views against social fraud to Commissioner Thyssen

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The European sectoral Social Partners of the construction industry met today Commissioner Marianne Thyssen, responsible for Employment, Social Affairs, Skills and Labour Mobility, in order to present some joint proposals against social fraud, in particular in the cross-border provision of services.
« The financial and economic crisis significantly increased the competitive pressure on companies and thereby focussing the competition on the « lowest price » rather than on innovation, expertise and quality criteria. This situation, combined with imperfections and uncertainties in the legal framework has led to an increase in unfair forms of competition and social fraud, to the detriment of workers and companies in our sector » declared Maxime Verhagen, Vice-President of FIEC.

« In the long term, this is a lose-lose model : companies are no longer able to compete with each other on equal terms, workers’ rights are trampled, consumers get lower quality works and governments lose billions of euro annually in revenue, amongst others through un-paid social security contributions and taxation » added Pierre Cuppens, vice-Chair of the EFBBW Building Committee.

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