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FIEC EFBWW joint Press Release

Date 22/05/2015
The social partners of the construction industry,
EFBWW and FIEC, present their views against social fraud to Minister Schmit (Lux)
(From left to right: Pol Faber; Ulrich Paetzold; Johan Willemen; Nicolas Schmit;Pierre Cuppens; Sam Hagglund)
At the beginning of July Luxembourg will hold the Presidency of the Council of the European Union until the end of 2015 and it therefore plays an important role in the definition of the forthcoming EU priorities.

The EU sectoral social partners for the construction industry, FIEC and EFBWW, therefore met 
Mr. Nicolas Schmit, the Minister of Social Affairs of Luxembourg, in order to ensure that the fight against social fraud effectively figures amongst such priorities.

FIEC and EFBWW presented to Minister Schmit some joint proposals and requests such as, for example:
  • Ensuring a correct implementation and application of the « Enforcement » Directive (2014/67/EC), with the direct involvement of the national social partners.
  • Improving the reliability of the A1 forms.
  • Improving the collection of social security contributions in case of temporary cross-border provision of services.
  • Creating a single European business register number.
  • Providing legal clarity as regards the position of temporary agency workers in the framework of «posting».
  • Promoting initiatives against "letterbox” companies.
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