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FIEC is taking part to the "Scaffold" Project

Date 18/03/2015

FIEC participated in the « International Advisory Board » of a project entitled "Scaffold”, which was aiming at addressing the issue of prevention and H&S management of nano-materials in the construction industry. The project will be presented in April in Helsinki and therefore please feel free to forward the announcement here below to those persons within your organisation who may be interested in this topic:

 The European R&D project Scaffold aims at providing practical, robust, easy-to-use and cost effective solutions for the European construction industry, regarding the prevention and management of occupational risks to Engineered NanoMaterials (ENMs). This projects comes to an end and will present its results, tools and propositions at its final conference on 15/04/2015 morning in Helsinki, jointly with two other EU R&D projects dedicated to occupational risk management in the industry, nanoMicex and Sanowork (paints and pigments, production processes). Entry is open and free, registration is wished. 

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