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FIEC present at the “Journée INFRA 2015” to talk about European infrastructure

Date 20/02/2015
The theme of the annual conference of the Federation INFRA  - member of FIEC Swiss member SSE (Société Suisse des Entrepreneurs) – was "Innovation, engine of performance!”

On this occasion, Christine Le Forestier, Director of Economic ans Legal affairs, spoke about European infrastructure networks, in the context of the new European investment programmes and innovative financial instruments.

INFRA DAY Speakers

She compared the existing Connecting Europe Facility, which is the new Commission’s budget line for transport, energy and broadband infrastructure networks, with the forthcoming Juncker Investment Plan. The latter will aim at creating a leverage effect to mobilise private financing towards key sectors such as energy, transport, superfast broadband, education, research and innovation.

"There are great expectations around the Juncker plan”, said Christine, "but above all, it is important to channel the available money towards the most needed projects, which have a real added-value for the European economy”

"Moreover, it should not be all about greenfield projects, as there is already an enormous need for the maintenance of existing infrastructure and the renovation of the EU building stock”, she concluded.

In any case, the construction industry is the solution industry and stands ready to do its job!

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