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Date 26/09/2016

Another solution for SMEs is to work together internationally. Several initiatives have been well presented at the Matinale Medef, in particular that of the French employers in the sustainable city. "The mobilization has been exemplary and SMEs came," as reported Jean-Louis Marchand, vice-chairman of the task force of the Medef "Sustainable City" and President of MEDEF's Infrastructure Committee and the European Construction Industry (FIEC).

The project aimed to "create an offer as global as possible" and its success was so blatant that the President of the task force, Gérard Wolf, was chosen by the Foreign Trade Secretariat of State to become the "federator" of the family of priority products for export and resume Vivapolis the trademark registered in 2013 by the international Action group of the strategic Committee of the eco-industrial sector, under joint supervision of the ministries of Ecology, sustainable development and the Economy and Finance. - See more at:

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