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Conference on « Promoting decent work » organised by the Dutch EU Presidency : FIEC presents its views

Date 16/02/2016

FIEC Vice-President Maxime Verhagen intervened in panel a discussion with social partners during a conference on "Promoting decent work” organised by the Dutch EU Presidency on 8th and 9th February in Amsterdam. The discussions focussed, amongst others, on the expected "Labour mobility package” and on the "Posting of workers” and Vice-President Verhagen highlighted to the 300 participants (public authorities, EU officials, labour inspectors, employers’ and workers’ representatives) the main FIEC messages on these important topics, namely :

• the request not to revise the existing "Posting” Directive [96/71/EC] and to focus on the implementation of the "Enforcement” directive [2014/067/EC]
• the importance of the involvement of the social partners, in order to identify pragmatic solutions

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