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2017-01-31 FIEC Press Release: FIEC asks for CE Marking to address needs of users

Date 31/01/2017
 CE Mark in construction misunderstood by professional users and consumers
"The CE Mark is a passport for free travel, it is not a residence permit allowing installation in a building ” says Jan Coumans, Chairman of FIEC’s sub-commission on Regulation and Standardisation, TEC-1. Speaking at an event in the European Parliament hosted by Catherine Stihler MEP, Vice Chairman of the Committee on Internal Market and Consumers (IMCO), he goes on to ask " How can we ensure that users understand the purpose of CE Marking, which in the case of construction products is merely to indicate that a CE marked product can be placed on the market in the EU? More importantly for contractors, under what conditions could quality marks be used alongside the CE Mark so that users can have confidence that they are making a safe - and the best - choice of product? ” (...)

Read the Press Release here.

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