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EU Services E-Card : Joint Press Release

Date 11/09/2017

Strong concerns were expressed about the potential negative impact of the Commission’s services e-card on certain services sectors. 

At a public hearing organised by the social partners of three sectors directly affected by the proposal – the construction, cleaning and insurance industries – the potential impact and far reaching social consequences of the proposed e-card on these sectors were examined.

See the complete press release 

download all presentations:
- The Construction sector's view:
Presentation of Mr Vincent Detemmerman-Construction Confederation on behalf of FIEC
Presentation of Mr Dietmar Schäfers-IG-BAU on behalf of EFBWW

- The Insurance sector's view:
Presentation of Mr Soren Viltoft Baatrup on behalf of Insurance Europe

- The Cleaning sector's view:
Presentation of Mrs Hilde Engels-ABSU/UGBN on behalf of EFCI
Presentation of Mr Nicolas Deprets-CG FGTB on behalf of Uni-Europa

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