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Date 29/07/2020
FIEC finalised input to upcoming delegated acts for the EU Taxonomy!

Sustainable finance with the EU Taxonomy at its heart is the key to achieving a sustainable recovery after the crisis. This is particularly the case for the construction sector which is es-sential for making the transition to a more sustainable economy a reality. The investment gap for the sector is immense. Filling this gap by targeting sustainable construction projects, i.e. buildings and infrastructure, will bring benefits for the entire economy and will make a significant contribution to the realisation of the Green Deal’s objectives.

The sector’s key role for the transition to a green economy is undisputed and is reflected in the EU Taxonomy’s scope as proposed by the TEG. Unsurprisingly, it encompasses a wide range of construction activities which might be even extended in future.

The EU Taxonomy can become a real success story by…

Supporting the enforcement of the EPBD by aligning eligibility with existing
and re-cently adopted legislation instead of imposing stricter requirements 
Making it a supportive instrument for the renovation wave considering technical fea-sibility and associated costs of screening criteria 
Aligning DNHS criteria with existing legislation 
Considering the entire value chain when assessing compliance with screening criteria 
Exploiting the full potential of sustainably constructed infrastructure for climate change mitigation 
Fostering maintenance of water supply networks 

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