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FIEC's missions

  • Represent and promote the interests of the European construction industry towards the European Institutions while helping to increase knowledge of the sector among policymakers and the general public.
  • Promote sustainable development in the construction business in order to protect biodiversity, encourage energy efficiency and bring down greenhouse gas emissions that are associated with global warming.
  • Maintain a public procurement system ensuring a true level playing field for all EU construction companies.
  • Ensure that the specific interests of construction crafts and SMEs are taken in.
  • Promote a network of sustainable transport and energy Infrastructure to help underwrite the EU's medium and long-term growth.
  • As officially recognised Social Partner, cooperate with the trade union, EFBWW, for the improvement of working conditions, notably health, safety and training.
  • Promote and facilitate cooperation and the exchange of best practices between FIEC members and the other players in the sector such as architects, engineers and materials producers.
  • Foster a climate of innovation in the sector and promote the right policy framework that encourages the swift uptake of the new technologies and Innovative processes.

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