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Following thorough consultation of all stakeholders of the construction sector, the European Commission finally adopted and published on 31/7/2012 the long awaited Communication and Action Plan.

"The present Communication identifies the main challenges that the sector faces today and up to 2020 in terms of investment, human capital, environmental requirements, regulation and access to markets, and proposes initiatives to support the sector for this purpose."1  

FIEC warmly welcomed the Commission's action plan and applauded Vice-President Tajani's recognition of the importance of the construction sector for Europe's economy. FIEC President Thomas Schleicher insisted that governments need to see investment in sustainable buildings and  infrastructure as a contributor to future economic growth and jobs and not simply as another form of public spending.

"The construction sector is not a sick sector, in need of subsidies, but a healthy, vibrant sector, currently going through difficult times, due to the lasting effects of the financial and economic crisis. Construction is not part of the problem, but part of the solution!" said FIEC Vice-President Paolo Astaldi, speaking for the industry in the first meeting of the High Level Forum organised by the Commission in order "to ensure leadership for the commitment of adequate resources for agreed actions;"²

1 COM(2012)433, chapter 1 "introduction", last paragraph
2 Commission powerpoint presented on 29/1/2013

CONSTRUCTION2020 - Apprenticeships Pledge

The European Commission is supporting the active involvement of the construction sector in the European Alliance for Apprenticeships (EAfA).
For further details: DG GROW website

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