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Paritarian Social Funds

Due to the specific characteristics of construction activity, the social partners (trade unions and employers) have a significant role to play in organising and regulating the construction industry via industrial relations.

Almost all the existing paritarian social funds are bodies established, funded and jointly managed by the social partners themselves and often they fulfill a complementary role to the existing governmental structures. 

Through collective agreements and paritarian social funds for "vocational training", "health and safety", "occupational pensions", "social security", "quality standards" etc., social partners have proved that they are capable of regulating and promoting a sustainable construction industry. 

At the same time, the collective agreements and the paritarian institutions also play an important role in bringing the social partners together and as such they are the "engine" that promotes industrial relations. Often, the paritarian social funds are also considered to be the "cement" which holds together social partners and their industrial relations.

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