Construction activity in Europe recovering but war in Ukraine is set to have an impact

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FIEC Statistical Report 2022

"The construction sector, which had already proved to be more resilient than other sectors the previous year, also began recovering with strong growth in the first half ...

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Join the Pact for Skills in Construction !

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JOIN the Pact for Skills in Construction !

Upskilling and reskilling the construction workforce in particular as regards green and digital skills.

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Fiec speaks for the european construction industry

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Fiec's missions

Represent and promote the interests of the European construction industry towards the European Institutions while helping to increase knowledge of the sector among policymake...

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  • Updated 02/2022

Third country SOEs in the EU public procurement market

The interest of third country state-owned enterprises (SOEs) in the European public procurement market is growing. Third country SOEs or their subsidiaries tendered for an in...

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Making the business case for Green Construction

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FIEC Webinars series #2

08/03/2022: "Which future for public works?"

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A word from our President Philip Crampton

The last couple of years have been a very difficult time for the European construction sector, especially on the back of the pandemic. However, when we encountered such a difficult period, we were blessed to have such a powerhouse of construction leading the way....
FIEC is a force for good for the construction sector and we all have our part to play in maintaining that impact. Working together, we have accomplished a lot. To continue that progress we will all need to foster that spirit of sharing knowledge and ideas for the betterment of our industry.

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Main key figures in the construction industry in 2021