Our vision for the future of Construction in Europe

  • FIEC Manifesto for Action - EU Term 2024-2029

"Building a resilient and sustainable Europe together"

Ahead of the EU Elections 2024, FIEC issued its 10 key messages to the candidates.

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FIEC highlights presented in a timeline

  • Building a resilient and sustainable Europe together

Check out FIEC Annual Report 2023


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Rising prices and supply shortages for energy and certain construction materials had a negative impact on several contractors in Europe

  • News 2024

FIEC Statistical Report 2024

The report provides an overview of the developments in the construction industry in the EU in 2023 – a year full of significant challenges for the construction sector.<...

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Join the Pact for Skills in Construction !

  • EU Skills Agenda

JOIN the Pact for Skills in Construction !

Upskilling and reskilling the construction workforce in particular as regards green and digital skills.

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  • Updated 06/2024

Third country SOEs in the EU public procurement market

The interest of third country state-owned enterprises (SOEs) in the European public procurement market is growing. Third country SOEs or their subsidiaries tendered for an in...

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Fiec speaks for the european construction industry

  • Presentation

Fiec's missions

Represent and promote the interests of the European construction industry towards the European Institutions while helping to increase knowledge of the sector among policymake...

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A word from our President Piero Petrucco

“My presidency begins at a transformative time: a new European legislature is starting, with the renewal of the European Parliament and the European Commission. This presents a critical opportunity for us to influence and shape the policies of the new institutions. There is much to discuss, our dialogue to be intensified and further relations to be built.

The representation of our sector and our businesses is a vital element for European policymaking. Our institutional activities are essential to benefit our companies, but also to support European efforts for a truly common and competitive market, for a stronger economy. The nature of our association allows us to bring, without intermediation, the direct experience and sensitivity of us entrepreneurs and our national associations to the highest representatives of European institutions, both officials and politicians, giving a voice to the real needs of our companies.

We face new challenges and strategic priorities.

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