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Project Presentation

  1. Despite the high levels of unemployment observed in the EU, in several Member States construction companies are confronted with difficulties in finding the right workers with the right skills.
  3. The main goals of the project will be to define and identify existing and anticipated skill needs in the construction industry, to elaborate and define learning units, with the use of ECVET principles, that could be integrated in formal VET programmes or used as training courses.




  1. Issue N°1 - April 2017
  2. Issue N°2 - Octobre 2017
  3. Issue N°3 - April 2018
  4. Issue N°4 - October 2018
  5. Issue N°5 - April 2019 (short version)
  6. Issue N°5 - April 2019 (long)



Co-Financing Source

  1. Erasmus+  -  Sector Skills Alliances 
  2. (European Commission)

Starting/ending date 

  1. Start: November 2016
  2. End:  31/01/2020

Conference 2019

  1. Presentation of several outcomes of the project 
  2. Information available below.

For further information contact the coordinator 

Valentina Kuzma (SLO- CCIS CCBMIS)

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