The Construction Industry

Construction is the solution industry

Whether it is preparing the ground for future growth through investing in infrastructure, dealing with the threat of climate change, adapting buildings to make them more energy efficient or planning cities to meet the changing needs of future generations, the construction sector is the fundamental  partner to make the future a reality.

The sustainable Europe of tomorrow cannot be achieved without the direct involvement of the construction industry. In fact, the construction industry is at the heart of our life: construction enterprises and their workers build the homes we live in, the roads on which we travel and the buildings we work or learn in. Without the construction industry the EU cannot respond to its main challenges: competitiveness, youth unemployment, digital economy, urban regeneration, energy efficiency and energy poverty, circular economy, affordable housing, climate change, mobility and connected infrastructure, etc.

Moreover, the construction sector is a fundamental component of Europe’s economic growth and a major source of employment. It generates about 10.3% of gross domestic product (GDP) in the EU and provides almost 12 million direct jobs.


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