Climate Change

Although climate change is a global challenge and the solutions have to come from a collective effort from all industries and citizens, construction obviously has a role to play. Historically, decarbonisation of buildings has been tackled by energy efficiency measures, which, by reducing the consumption of energy in buildings also reduce emissions.  The Renovation Wave will cover this aspect. (See separate section).  The Climate Law is more aimed at Member States and deals with how to achieve the Paris Agreement goals.  Therefore, FIEC will not lobby on this matter.

On the other hand, FIEC is nevertheless dealing with the subject of climate change, specifically on decarbonisation, not only because it has become a top EU policy priority, but also because the construction industry has a major role to play in decarbonising the economy and the built environment.  The relevant policy area under which specific existing and future legislation falls is energy.  Therefore, FIEC will lobby on the Renovation Wave (see separate section) and on any future proposals to revise the Energy Performance in Buildings Directive (EPBD EU 2018/844.)


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