Digitalisation and Construction 4.0

  1. The construction industry is undergoing a significant transformation, which includes revolutionary new approaches such as digitalisation and automation.  This “fourth industrial revolution”, known for all EU industry as “Industry 4.0”, is known in our sector as Construction 4.0.


    Whereas other industries have already adopted digital processes construction is still an industry characterised by manual processes and traditional methods. Nevertheless, construction is increasingly adopting digitalised tools, machineries and processes and buildings and infrastructure are becoming sources of data during both their construction and operational phase. 

    FIEC is working on this important subject, because our member federations, which are witnessing genuine problems for construction companies (such as unfavourable conditions related to software suppliers), because the European Commission is encouraging the digitalisation of the industry and developing relevant, corresponding policy and also because the business case for change is compelling due to innovation, as well as market and technological developments.

  4. Digitalisation is not an objective in itself, but rather a mean to accelerate the path towards other targets, such as increased productivity, safer working conditions and the environmental challenges for achieving a carbon neutral EU economy by 2050.

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