Circular Economy

The new Circular Economy Action Plan was published on 11 March 2020.  It builds on the previous Action Plan published in 2016 and was a key element of the European Green Deal. The Plan covers a number of actions, aimed at increasing the rates of recycling and reuse of materials (in the case of the construction industry, these are obviously construction materials). It also refers to the challenges of overlapping EU legislation, lack of market demand for secondary materials and enforcement via market surveillance.

FIEC is committed to the Circular Economy, the achievement of which can be accelerated by the efforts of our industry. However, in spite of support, including a number of voluntary initiatives developed by the European Commission with industry stakeholders, such as the Construction and Demolition Waste Protocol and the document Circular Economy - Principles for Buildings Design, many obstacles remain, such as the lack of adequate recycling facilities located near construction sites.  Therefore, it is important for us to follow the Plan through the legislative process, in particular with regard to any specific targets set for our industry.

Our position on the Circular Economy Action Plan can be found here.

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