European Construction, built environment and the energy efficiency building Technology Platform (ECTP)

The European Construction, built environment and energy efficient building Technology Platform (ECTP) is a leading membership organisation promoting and influencing the future of the Built Environment. First founded in 2004 ECTP brings together the collective vision for a leading edge European Built Environment on behalf of its Members. ECTP has around 150 member organisations from across the construction sector and other sectors from the whole supply chain of the Built Environment.

Its diverse membership across 26 countries, large enterprises, SMEs, universities, research organisations and professional associations allows it to take an integrated approach to tackling all relevant issues. It connects people and organisations from across the supply chain, helping them to work collectively to improve the position on many societal and industrial issues including energy, climate change, efficiency and infrastructure.  FIEC is a member of ECTP and has a representative on the ECTP Steering Committee.


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