Statistical Report

Visit FIEC Statistical Report at this link and explore latest figures, trends, data and activity of the construction industry.

Every year, FIEC publishes its Statistical Report, which gives an insight into our sector and demonstrates its significance for the economy as a whole.

The report analyses 22 countries individually as well as the European Union as a whole on the basis of the following elements:

  • General overview (general economic situation, general economic policy, public policies in relation to the construction industry)
  • Gross value added
  • Investment in total construction, new housebuilding, renovation and maintenance of residential buildings, non-residential building and civil-engineering
  • Employment in construction and its share in overall EU employment
  • Building permits
  • Number of construction enterprises


 !!! For the first time, the report provides an overview of the evolution of prices for certain construction materials.  

The texts and data contained within the report are drawn up on the basis of the national reports supplied by the FIEC Member Federations.


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2022 FIEC Statistical Report

2021 FIEC Statistical Report

2020 FIEC Statistical Report

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