SuSodCo virtual Capacity Building Event (Workshop)

The Susodco consortium (EU co-financed project) is pleased to invite you to the second Capacity Building Event, aimed at equipping social dialogue partners with crucial capacities to support the industrial relations in Central and South-eastern Europe.


On 21 April 2021 : a workshop (09.00-12.00 CET)


This is the second out of four Capacity Building Events, conducted within the framework of SuSodCo project. The project aims to improve the strategic planning and the communication skills of national social dialogues partners in the construction sector in Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Hungary and Slovenia.

The consecutive virtual events are divided into two sessions – seminars and workshops. The seminars will involve prominent panelists and trainers to illustrate the recent European social dialogue trends and polish participants’ communication and digital skills. The workshops will bring participants together in interactive sessions, role plays and attractive scenarios to practice the acquired knowledge. 

For further details on the programme, please click on this link 

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