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FIEC launches its Manifesto "Making BIM a global success"

FIEC Press Release: "BIM must be industry-led but public sector can help"

BIM is improving productivity and competitiveness, but challenges remain

"BIM is transforming construction and the industry needs to lead the effort to encourage widespread uptake across the entire value chain.  With this background FIEC has launched its manifesto, to highlight the potential of BIM in terms of facilitating the implementation of EU policy. The document "Making BIM a global success” also summarises the challenges that could delay full adoption by all companies in all sectors” says Kjetil Tonning, Vice President of FIEC and President of its Technical Commission, who has led a working group made up of representatives of FIEC’s Member Federations as well as contractors, industry and academic experts and even a former government minister. (...)"

FIEC press release 

BIM Manifesto

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