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FIEC position paper on the revision of the Construction Products Regulation

  • No repeal ! Flexibility required for some years until solutions found

FIEC will not support the repeal of the Construction Products Regulation (CPR), but does support the proposed revision of the Regulation. Pending this revision, FIEC considers that the present CPR should be interpreted with flexibility ensuring that the deliverables of the Regulation are compatible with the needs of construction sector stakeholders.


FIEC thinks that in the long run a European market for construction products must be achieved, but this will take many years. In the meantime, it is important that flexible procedures should apply, permitting the sector to adapt gradually. The CPR is one of the means to work towards that goal, but in addition to the CPR, many other factors contribute to achieving the European market for construction products. 

It is crucial that the CPR should not be considered in isolation.




Please read FIEC position in its whole on FIEC website.

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