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EU Industry Day 2018 - Joint Press Release

Industry Stakeholders are ready to take the lead in digital construction

The European construction industry has moved closer to its vision of a common European digital construction strategy.

"As this will be crucial to master the digital transformation of the industry along the value chain, I am really satisfied with the course and the outcome of today’s pilot event”, said CECE President Enrico Prandini.

For the first time, four organisations of major industries (CECE, Construction Products Europe, FIEC and EBC) got together on this topic at the highest political level and invited their respective members and other partners to attend a digital construction seminar on February 22, 2018 in Brussels, as part of the European Industry Day.

"Having a collaborative and inclusive strategy for the European construction industry will help us to figure out where our industry wants to be” said Kjetil Tonning, FIEC President Elect. "We need to work together with existing players in the value chain, public and private, large firms and SMEs, new market entrants, researchers and clients as well as investors.”

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Video of the workshop

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