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FIEC welcomes a new member: Ukraine

On 29th November the General Assembly of FIEC unanimously approved the request for membership of the Confederation of Builders of Ukraine (CBU) as from 1/1/2020.

"Ukraine is a priority partner for the European Union and we wanted this also to be reflected at our sectoral level” said Kjetil Tonning, FIEC President. "The membership of CBU further increases FIEC’s representativeness, but it will also help bringing Ukraine and EU construction companies closer together with a view to build stronger economic links in the respect of common values” added Kjetil Tonning.

Mr. Lev Partskhaladze, President of CBU, indicated that "The future of Ukraine is closely connected with the EU. Our task as the largest professional association of Ukraine is to promote the swift and comprehensive implementation of European values in the Ukrainian construction market, harmonise standards and increase the investment climate. We are confident that our membership in FIEC will be mutually beneficial and open up new opportunities for the implementation of projects by European companies in Ukraine, one of the largest European markets with a population of almost 43 million citizens.”

The Confederation of Builders of Ukraine (CBU) is one of the largest industrial associations in Ukraine, with more than 760 member companies. CBU member companies executed in 2018 more than 70% of construction and installation works, 50% of development services and 80% of residential construction in Ukraine.

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