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Conference on Undeclared Work in the Construction Industry on 24/09

On 24 September, the European Construction Industry Federation (FIEC) and the European Federation of Building and Woodworkers (EFBWW) will hold an online conference on Undeclared Work in the Construction Industry.


The Conference is part of the European week of action to raise awareness and promote the benefits of declared work: #EU4FairWork.


According to the latest Eurobarometer survey (2019), 21% of all undeclared jobs were to be found in the construction sector

Undeclared work in the construction industry remains a major challenge for the whole sector, as it affects good and safe working conditions for workers, fair competition between construction companies and the long-term financial sustainability of national social security and tax systems.


The Conference will be the starting point for a long-term commitment to tackle Undeclared Work in the construction industry.

You are invited to check the agenda and to register for the conference via this link.


Besides senior EFBWW and FIEC representatives, the event will be joined by Lucia Nicholsonová, Chair of the EMPL Committee of the European Parliament and Jordi Curell, Director of Labour Mobility at the European Commission (DG EMPL) and Interim Executive Director of the European Labour Authority (ELA). 

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