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Construction 2050 Alliance published "Call and Commitment for the new EU political term"

On 13 December 2023, ahead of the European Elections of June 2024, the Construction 2050 Alliance - of which FIEC is active member - released its "Call and Commitment for the new EU political term", reminding how fundamental the construction industry is to the people-economy-climate triangle, and therefore to the competitiveness of the bloc.

The key-role of the construction sector has never been more important in delivering the green, competitive, and inclusive transition of the built environment, but suffers from a severe decline in demand.

As we enter the election year and the spotlight will soon be even higher on the candidates running for a seat in the European Parliament, the Construction 2050 Alliance is calling for a cross-stakeholder coordinated and integrated EU-policy approach to improve the climate resilience of our sector’s process and output under the new European Commission mandate.

Firstly, the Construction 2050 Alliance is committed to establishing, with the support of European policymakers, an annual High-Level Summit for the Built Environment, inviting all the relevant policymakers at EU and national level to come together to take stock of the evolution in the construction market.

To continue its indispensable contribution to the achievement of the EU’s environmental, social, and economic ambitions, work must begin no later than early 2024, in coordination with the Belgian Presidency of the Council of European Union.


The Construction 2050 Alliance is firm in investing its time and resources to ensure that the fundamental contribution made by the construction industry is recognised and supported by the future decision makers and legislators, with the aim of building now tomorrow’s Europe.


The document is also available online on the site of the Construction 2050 Alliance.

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