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On 25th October, 2023, at the European Commission (Berlaymont - press room), the new EU OSHA "Healthy Worksplaces Campaign 2023-2025 - Safe and Healthy Work in the Digital Age" was officially launched with EU Commissioner, Nicolas Schmit, and EU OSHA Director General, William Cockburn, in the middle of the European Week on Safety & Health at Work.

We followed online the live event that marked our renewed shared commitment - as partners of the campaign - toward a safer work in the digital era. Read the Press Release issued by EU OSHA.


Promoting health and safety at the workplace remains a permanent priority for construction companies. Over the past few years, we have observed an acceleration of the digital transition with new technologies in the workplaces, and this is generating opportunities and challenges for the construction sector. Business models must indeed be adapted, and this requires a strong commitment for the upskilling of our workforce.

But digitalisation at work is also creating many benefits, including in the field of health and safety where it can better help anticipating potential risks, relieve the workers from the hardest tasks and attract new profile of people in the profession.


These issues are also a top priority in the framework of FIEC's Social Dialogue at EU level because the specificities of the construction process, in order to be effectively implemented on the worksites, require appropriate measures that need to be constantly assessed and improved jointly by employers and workers.

In this respect, the OSHA Campaign constitutes a very useful framework and, as longlasting partner of OSHA campaigns, FIEC will be actively involved to continuously progress towards its goals and to ensure that no one is left behind, in particular SMEs.


This campaign will focus on:

digital platform work, automation of tasks, remote and hybrid work, worker management through AI, smart digital systems.


Visit the campaign Website at this link for more information about the topics.


EU-OSHA is collaborating with a dynamic network of national focal points, official campaign partners, media partners and OSH ambassadors from the Enterprise Europe Network. Together, we will be igniting awareness through a multitude of events, including conferences, competitions, training sessions, exhibitions and networking events. Find out how you could get involved

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