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FIEC Manifesto for Action - EU Term 2024-2029: available online in 10 languages

Entitled "Building a resilient and sustainable Europe together", the full complete version of this publication is online.

Ahead of the European Elections that will take place in June 2024, our 10 key messages to the candidates are set out to deliver FIEC's vision for the future of construction in Europe.

Discover what matters for the sector over the next 5 years!


An e-leaflet (Manifesto 'in brief') is also available in the download icon you see under the cover page of the Manifesto or by clicking on the hyperlinked cover page (below image).


We are excited to inform that the FIEC Manifesto is available online in 10 language versions:

  1. ENGLISH (master version, landing page of the site)


  3. French - German - Spanish - Italian - Portuguese - Slovakian - Greek - RomanianFinnish


Visit the site - You can access the different linguistic versions from the drop-down menu on the Home Page (in English):

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